Unmarried Parents in TN

Few relationships are held in higher regard by Tennessee courts than the one that exists between parent and child. As a result, this means that few rights are given as much deference as the parental variety. Parental rights refer to the broad spectrum of authority and responsibility that come with having a child. These powers are completely separate from marital rights, so—whether you are married

Tennessee Parent Relocation

Let’s be honest: moving was never an easy process, even while you were married. Unfortunately, now that you’re divorced, that process just leveled up in difficulty. Instead of being able to move whenever you want, wherever you want, divorced parents are limited by the geographic boundaries of their custody order. Even custodial parents—who normally get to make decisions about where their child will live—cannot up


Just like “maternity” refers to motherhood, “paternity” means fatherhood. And, in the legal sphere, paternity is a word that often arises in the context of parental rights and child custody. Unlike married parents (who automatically receive full parental rights, once their child is born), unmarried parents—particularly fathers—do not always fall under Tennessee’s presumption of parenthood. Hence, they can’t assume authority in their child’s life until

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