Alimony in Tennessee

Most people are familiar with the concept of child support—payments which are designed to help care for a child, post-divorce. But far fewer people know that a similar type of support can be awarded to a spouse, too. These payments are called “alimony.”  Alimony operates very similarly to child support, in that they are regular payments designed to help care for an individual, post-divorce. However,

How Do Protective Orders Work in Tennessee?

A protective order is a legal document that is specifically designed to prevent someone from harming you (or your children). While it may sound very similar to a “restraining order,” these two are not the same thing.  Protective orders have a much narrower scope than their restraining order counterparts, and are only issued when there has been—or there is a threat of—domestic violence. Restraining orders,

Restraining Orders

“Restraining order” is a phrase we often hear thrown around in movies and books. In these media adaptations, audiences are generally meant to take this as a “legal document that prevents someone from harming another someone.” In real life, however, this definition isn’t quite right, and is more suited to its counterpart, “protective order.”   While restraining order and protective order might sound identical (and, indeed,

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