Someone Filed a Protection Order Against Me… Now What?

In Tennessee, a protective order is a legal document issued against alleged abusers, in order to shield victims of domestic violence from future harm.  Most of the time, these orders are a necessary tool that both law enforcement and courts use to prevent future harm from coming to an abuse victim. Unfortunately, however, it’s also not unheard of for someone to try and use this

Tennessee Divorce Complaint

You may have mentally committed to the idea of getting a divorce—maybe you’re even already separated—however, no matter what your mental conviction, a Tennessee divorce doesn’t officially start until a complaint is filed. A divorce complaint (commonly referred to as a “petition for divorce”), is a legal document that notifies the court you want a divorce, tells them why, and asks for their help in

Final Divorce Order

Let’s be honest: splitting one life into two isn’t easy. When you get divorced, there will be a lot of important decisions being made, and—between property, debt, children, alimony, retirement accounts (not to mention, family pets)—a lot to keep track of, too. Luckily, there’s one document you can turn to that will have all the answers… and we mean, of course, your final divorce order. 

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