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People’s lives change more rapidly than ever. As a result, child support and/or child custody decrees sometimes no longer suit the circumstances. If your situation has changed substantially, you may be in a position to seek a modification of your existing child custody, visitation, or support order. Modifications may only be done by the court.

At the Law Office of Sam Byrd in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I help parents change their custody, visitation or support arrangements when a significant change has occurred in their situation.

Visitation modifications may be granted by the court, but only if the modification is in the best interest of the child and circumstances have materially and substantially changed. Special rules have been enacted for military families. Military families may receive temporary orders if the custodial parent is going to be deployed.

Receiving a modification of a final divorce decree can be difficult. There are strict rules regarding what can be modified and when. Whether anything can be done will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case. The following are some examples of circumstances that may allow you to seek enforcement or modification:

  • Inability to pay full support due to long-term unemployment
  • A parent or child has extraordinary medical expenses
  • A child has special needs or aptitudes
  • A parent is moving to another part of the state or another state due to job obligations
  • There is evidence that a parent is abusing drugs or alcohol, or otherwise creating a dangerous environment for children

Hamilton County Child Custody And Support Modification Attorney

With an increasingly mobile society making relocation of families more common, defending against modification and enforcement proceedings often involves application of interstate laws. Relocation of a child further away from the non-custodial parent often requires permission from the court. Hiring an experienced lawyer is the safest way to protect your interests and your child’s interests.

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