Chattanooga Property Division Lawyer

Division of marital property can be among the most contentious aspects of a divorce. In every divorce case, it is necessary to identify and value all of the assets owned by the spouses, whether jointly or individually.

In high-asset cases, the true value of assets such as business interests, retirement accounts, pensions and real estate can become a complicated matter requiring the services of expert witnesses. The Law Office of Sam Byrd works with business valuation experts, forensic accountants and other specialists to ensure there is a complete financial picture prior to the final division of assets.

You need a Chattanooga property division lawyer you can trust. I serve clients throughout Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee. Because I focus on family and criminal law, I am able to stay abreast of important case law and best practices in both practice areas.

Hamilton County Division Of Debt Attorney

I can help you define your priorities and objectives while protecting you from mistakes. Once we have a good sense of what you should receive under the law, I can work toward achieving your goals through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

I provide focused client service across the full range of property valuation and division in divorce, including:

  • Asset and income disclosure
  • Characterization of particular assets as separate or marital property
  • Characterization issues concerning marital or separate debts
  • Enforceability of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement concerning specific property
  • Valuation of business assets, corporate holdings, pension or retirement accounts, residential or vacation real estate, and investment portfolios

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