Facing criminal charges casts a heavy shadow. Your reputation, finances, family, and future hang in the balance while questions swirl through uncertainty.

Will I lose my job? Could I go to jail? What will my friends think? Who can help me?

You need more than just answers. You need a guide who knows the local courts, prosecutors, and processes that impact your case at every winding turn. You need an advocate who will stand by your side each step through this crisis into a better tomorrow.

Let our Chattanooga criminal defense attorneys help you face the road ahead. For years, we have protected the rights of accused people in Hamilton County and seen them to safer ground.

At the Law Office of Sam Byrd, we take your rights as seriously as you do. Our legal defense team will aggressively defend your rights and assist you in making the best decision for your case.

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Hiring a Chattanooga Criminal Defense Lawyers Makes All the Difference

Criminal defense is intensely personal and practical. The lawyer defending you must intimately understand Hamilton County’s courts, judges, prosecutors, and processes to carefully guide your case.

An out-of-state attorney lacks this insight. Our firm, however, handles hundreds of local cases yearly, equipping us to predict issues and dynamically advocate for Chattanooga area clients.

Additionally, healthy relationships facilitate justice. Over years of practicing locally, our attorneys have built rapport with detectives, judges, and district attorneys.

While no promises exist within the legal system, these connections smooth the road for our clients during investigations, hearings, trials, and sentencing. With deep Hamilton County roots, our firm directs the relationships and knowledge needed to defend you each step of the way.

Our Passion for Defending the Accused

Successfully defending the accused drives our passion. We zealously pursue evidence and arguments that resolve charges favorably for hard-working people entangled in the system.

No two cases match exactly, but many share familiar themes. We frequently defend Chattanooga clients against:

  • DUI charges
  • Drug possession allegations from marijuana to controlled substances
  • Domestic disturbance accusations
  • Sex crime allegations from misconduct to battery
  • White-collar claims such as fraud
  • Juvenile offenses and youth diversion
  • Probation/parole violations

Wherever your legal needs lie, our firm likely cleared similar charges before.

While the facts differed across those cases, their theme persists: dogged, thoughtful criminal defense achieved better outcomes. Our track record shows how we can serve you through dedicated legal representation.

Chattanooga Criminal Defense Lawyers Equipped for Complex Cases

Make no mistake – seasoned attorneys stand beside you here. Our lawyers carry decades of cumulative criminal defense experience. We also spend hours in court continually refining our litigation skills and mastery over Tennessee courtrooms.

Yet quality defense requires more than sharp lawyers. Successful advocacy demands extensive resources to craft strong cases.

Our firm holds affiliations providing access to case-tested private investigators, forensic specialists, and other professionals who bolster legal defense statewide and beyond. Leveraging these relationships generates momentum for our client’s cases from investigation through litigation and beyond.

Some matters turn complex with serious penalties at stake. Our team boasts the combined talent and connections needed to wrestle even extraordinary criminal defense burdens into submission.

What Makes the Law Office of Sam Byrd Different?

If facing criminal charges, you want more than just legal guidance. You need counselors who hear your story, understand this crisis crushing your peace, and stand beside you until you find firmer ground.

Our advocates humanize an otherwise cold process by building meaningful relationships with every client we defend. We know you and what makes your situation unique. Custom-tailored legal strategies then target the specific factors driving your case. Thoughtful preparation transforms tough predicaments into favorable outcomes that match your needs.

Clear communication also distinguishes our counsel. The legal system’s complexity intimidates you, but you will understand your defense and options at every step here. We speak with candor regarding challenges, progress, and next moves, so you walk with eyes wide open toward resolution.

Finally, retaining a strong defense need not cripple finances through looming uncertainty. Our team provides transparent rates, relieving these burdens so you can focus on what truly matters now.

Criminal Cases Handled by Our Chattanooga Defense Lawyers

Finding yourself arrested or charged with a crime sparks fear and confusion, unlike much else. Buried in court paperwork, unfamiliar laws, impatient prosecutors – it’s a lot. We get it.

Here’s the simple truth: you don’t need to figure this out alone. We’ve stood alongside hundreds of regular Chattanooga residents facing criminal allegations.

Good people make mistakes sometimes or get caught up in misunderstandings that snowball into bigger problems than they ever envisioned. From assault allegations to white-collar fraud charges and much in between, we’ve seen local prosecutors come out swinging before. But skilled defense advocacy clears clouds to find the truth.

Defending Against Assault and Domestic Violence Allegations

From public disturbances to relationship accusations, our attorneys have extensive experience defending TN assault and domestic violence charges.

We understand the nuances prosecutors seek with aggravating factors and sentencing enhancements. Skilled advocacy can overcome strict statutory guidelines to find sentencing alternatives favoring rehabilitation over incarceration.

Battling Theft, Burglary, Robbery & Financial Crime Allegations

Charges of stealing money or property carry harsh penalties under Tennessee law, with prosecutors often pushing for maximum sentences. But questionable accusations arise, like disputing the dollar value of purported stolen goods.

Or sometimes financial crimes relate more to contractual disputes than criminal intent. Our lawyers have successfully fought allegations of theft, fraud, embezzlement, burglary, forgery, identity theft, and robbery by leaning hard into reasonable doubt.

Marijuana, Drug Possession and Distribution Crimes

As views on substances evolve, so do defensive strategies against outdated laws that punish more than protect. Simple marijuana possession still damages lives through lasting convictions. Yet legal medicinal uses cloud gaming the system accusations.

Even harsher sentencing applies for Schedule I substances, but actual intent to distribute remains contestable. Savvy Chattanooga defense lawyers know how to creatively tackle drug-related charges by prioritizing their client’s future.

Defending Violent Crimes and Weapons Charges

Allegations involving firearms or extreme physical violence escalate the stakes to the highest levels with lasting repercussions like registration and lost gun rights. Yet not every matter fits the initially assumed danger, like weapons possession during turbulence but absent criminal intent.

Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully defeated aggressive prosecution tactics in cases involving aggravated assault, rape accusations, homicide, and other violent acts by exposing reasonable hesitation underneath damning allegations. There is always another side to the story.

Battling White Collar and Complex Financial Crime Charges

White-collar cases often turn on complex technicalities – obscure tax rules, financial regulations, or contracts open to interpretation. In these muddy waters, prosecutors may overreach in charging fraud or deception for good faith business decisions. Our defense lawyers spot the difference.

We dig into messy corporate deals to expose overzealous allegations that distort intentions. Where clients acted legitimately within debatable rules, we protect their careers, companies, and reputations from unjust stain. Financial crimes carry deep stigma, but no one should plead guilty for reasonable business decisions unfairly recast under legal scrutiny.

Our Defense Attorneys Understand There Are Two Sides to Every Coin

In our experience as Chattanooga criminal defense lawyers, criminal cases fall into two categories:

  1. “I can’t believe what I’ve been accused of doing. I am being seriously railroaded by trumped-up circumstances and some extremely questionable evidence. I must fight this case to clear my name and let justice be served.” AND
  2. “I can’t believe what I did. I made a horrible decision, and it might cost me. I’ll never do anything like this again. What can I do to make this go away as quickly as possible without damaging my future and livelihood?”

In either case, you can count on them to provide the professional representation you require. While the law presumes innocence in theory, in reality, many players in the criminal justice system and media often presume guilt. You can treat our office as a safe space. We don’t judge here.

We treat each client with respect. We understand that you are not your criminal charge. We know good people can make bad decisions. We have heard chilling stories of how people have ended up with convictions they didn’t deserve.

Defending Your Rights and Freedom in TN Criminal Cases

The American justice system affords those accused of crimes core constitutional protections, regardless of the allegations against them. But many only loosely understand these rights and fail to assert them when it matters most.

Our criminal defense attorneys ensure you fully grasp the legal safeguards available, including:

  • The right to remain silent when questioned. Police examinations often furnish evidence used against defendants. Declining to answer can impede overzealous prosecutions.
  • Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Investigators require appropriate warrants or consent before searching property or confiscating personal items as evidence. Questionable methods can derail cases.
  • The guarantee against self-incrimination. Defendants maintain the choice of whether or not to testify in their own defense. Prosecutors cannot leverage silence as an inference of guilt.
  • Access to legal counsel. Following arrest or charges, everyone maintains the right to hire defense lawyers to protect their interests against complex statutes and aggressive law enforcement tactics.

The justice system doesn’t have your back — we do. Our firm strives to balance scales by ensuring you understand the full spectrum of constitutional and legal rights available as your case unfolds. Don’t assume the worst quite yet – a knowledgeable defense changes everything.

Strategic Defense For First-Time Offenders

Being charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Tennessee can be intimidating and overwhelming. This is especially true for those who have never been in trouble with the law before or have no prior criminal record. They have legitimate fears of serving jail time, losing their job, or having difficulty finding future employment.

However, our mission is to help resolve your case so that you do not have to serve jail time and the charge never goes on your record.

Are you familiar with judicial diversion for first-time offenders? Judicial diversion is a one-time offender program in Tennessee available to those who have not previously been convicted of the majority of Class C, D, or E felonies or misdemeanor offenses and have not previously participated in a diversion program. Judicial diversion is outlined under Tennessee law.

A qualifying offender may use a diversion program to enter a conditional plea of guilty. The charge is dismissed after the successful completion of probation and may be expunged from the person’s record.

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At the Law Office of Sam Byrd, we pride ourselves on providing vigorous legal defense to Chattanooga’s diverse community facing a wide variety of criminal charges. Our attorneys handle cases ranging from misdemeanor retail theft to complex financial fraud investigations.

Unlike some criminal defense firms that specialize in one area, we customize our passionate advocacy to each client’s unique situation. We represent individuals from all walks of life and carefully guide them through the rehabilitation process. Whether you face DUI charges or white-collar allegations, our decades of proven results span the full spectrum.

When your reputation or freedom is on the line, rely on the Law Office of Sam Byrd. We have successfully defended countless Chattanooga residents over multiple decades. Our clients trust our deep understanding of the local courts and our unwavering commitment to protecting your rights. We provide the powerful legal defense that all our neighbors deserve.

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Law Office of Sam Byrd was build on the back of aggressive, proactive legal guidance for clients who are looking for a creative and innovative attorney to get them through some of the hardest times of their lives. Often riddled with fear, anxiety, and pain, Sam and his team have been able to deliver results for people and families in desperate need of something different – instant relief through aggressive and appropriate representation.

Because you are seen as a HUMAN, not a line item on an accounting report or a case number on a court docket. We believe you deserve to be served with diligence and integrity – giving you our best through your worst times to provide the best possible experience from the beginning.


What are the first steps after being arrested?

The first steps after being arrested in Chattanooga are to invoke your right to remain silent until speaking to an attorney and to request to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Experienced attorneys can help ensure your rights are protected through the arrest process and arrange for bail so you can get out of jail quickly.

What factors determine whether charges get filed?

Factors like offense severity, criminal history, evidence strength, victim input, and prosecutor workload/resources determine if Chattanooga, TN prosecutors file formal criminal charges after an arrest.

A local criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors right away to avoid charges altogether in some cases.

What happens at an arraignment hearing?

At your first court appearance after Tennessee arrest, you enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest, get informed of rights, charges and next court dates, request bail, and can start pretrial release negotiation. A criminal justice lawyer often handles this short hearing on your behalf.

We can help if you need a criminal defense attorney or DUI defense lawyer

Over the years it has been gut-wrenching to see how better representation would have changed the lives of those charged with criminal offenses in Chattanooga. I have been in courtrooms where someone felt they had done nothing wrong so they did not get representation because they thought the facts would be enough to maintain their freedom. Although the Tennessee criminal justice process might seem straightforward, it rarely is. The law is complicated and has many small nuances that can create big impacts. Knowing how to navigate the legal system and having an experienced and aggressives criminal defense attorney on your side, and in your corner, is the difference that changes the dynamic in your criminal defense case.

Both criminal charges and drunk driving charges can sometimes be resolved by one of the following:

  • An outright dismissal of the criminal charges against you
  • Passing the case for a period of time for it to be dismissed upon your good behavior
  • Guilty plea diversion, which allows first offenders to have the charge removed from their record if they satisfactorily complete all probation requirements
  • Alternative sentencing such as probation to prevent or reduce jail time
  • Reducing serious charges to lesser charges, which reduces possible jail and probation time
  • Minimizing the jail time and other consequences of conviction

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