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Chose this firm based on many 5 star reviews. Problem was issues that arose after finalization of divorce after 35 year marriage. I am not sure if they’ll be able to fix it or not, but I left the office with hope, options, and confidence they’d do their best. Highly recommend.

Marsha Haven

After reading some really positive reviews I came to Sam Byrd to help me in a custody matter. I was looking for someone I could trust to help me and my daughter through a very emotional and difficult process. I definitely found that with Sam and Brittany! I can’t express enough gratitude for all they have done working tirelessly on my case & really building a relationship with me. They brought closure and justice to my family and did it with sincere concern for our wellbeing and a level of professionalism that can’t be matched.

Jessica Adams

Every day I am thankful I chose Sam Byrd to represent me in my divorce. The peace I have now is worth every cent. The legal process itself is terrible but Sam knew how to navigate all the hurdles. Brittany was very understanding of my situation and flawlessly handled the mountain of paperwork that the legal system creates. I am happy with my experience and would recommend the Law Office of Sam Byrd.

Mary H

Sam Byrd is an excellent attorney, surrounded by a wonderful support staff. Sam is smart, funny, and knows what he’s talking about. He cares about his clients, and gives his all four them. If you hire Sam, you’ll be happy that you did.

Collen Covert

I rarely write reviews but for Sam Byrd and his staff it is one more way I can say thank you for all they have done to help me and my family. I have hired many lawyers over the years for a nasty custody battle that has perpetuated for more than a decade. Migrating the system can be daunting and emotionally draining. Before hiring Sam I had become very disillusioned and defeated. Sam was truly the best choice I have ever made to handle my extremely contentious and complicated legal issues. He and his staff are who you want in your corner. He was able to finally bring the case to finality with the best possible outcome. He also made himself available to consult and assist where he could in outside issues specific to my case. Beyond his five star experience and expertise, Sam is a 5 star human who genuinely cares about you and your case. While I hope I never have to fight this battle again, Sam would be my only choice if I do. Truly he is the best of the best.

Francine Newell

I have been fighting for custody of my daughter for all 10 years of her life and in those many years I have had several different attorney’s. None of them have gone above and beyond like Sam Byrd. For example he would even assist me with other legal matters not pertaining to my custody case. He is very punctual and aggressive with my case. He found evidence that supported my case that I didn’t even know existed. Also, he was vastly willing to work with me on the cost and let me work out a payment plan, I felt that Sam was not in it for the money. In fact all of the people that I have met in the Covert Law Group have been very friendly and supportive. In 2018 I got the documentation supporting my primary custody. That was one of the biggest days of my life. Sam has become more than just my attorney. I consider him a friend. I would recommend Sam Byrd over any attorney around.


I’m a divorce attorney in Utah, and Sam and I worked a Utah-Tennessee case together. Sam handled everything, including criminal charges, in Tennessee, while we handled the Utah side of things. Sam was always very good about communicating and coordinating with us and with our client. He did a great job handling the criminal charges, getting our client a very good result. Now, I send all Tennessee matters to Sam.

Marco Brown

I am so thankful I chose Sam Byrd to represent me in my divorce. From the very first meeting two years ago I knew that I had exactly who I needed to guide me through all the legal parts of my divorce. He has always been and continues to be honest, willing, and understanding of my fears, concerns, and questions. One thing I tell people when talking about Sam is that he (and Brittany) have always made me feel important and like my case is the only one they have to worry about. Both Sam and Brittany have been a blessing in my life in ways they will never understand. I can say without a doubt that Sam has had my best interest at heart. I couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer.

Traci Sabin

We would like to thank Sam Byrd for guiding us through matters concerning family related legal issues. Sam and his staff were very attentive in the way they handled our case. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome Sam was able to obtain. Blessings to Sam Byrd, Mr. Hargus, Brittany and all the wonderful office staff. We highly recommend Sam Byrd concerning any issues.

Valerie Lege

Sam Byrd went above and beyond for my family and I during a difficult time when we really thought we had no options. He very clearly explained our rights as a family and my rights as a mother and helped us select the best path to pursue. My case was particularly difficult as far as how much work Sam had to put into it but he never quit fighting for us and helped us reach our goal. He was also willing to work with us financially so we didn’t have that added worry and stress.

Brittany Reed

I have to say the Law Office of Sam Byrd is the most professional and thorough group in Chattanooga. They helped me with retaining custody of my daughter due to false allegations by multiple people . They helped restore my image in the court’s eyes as well. I highly recommend this group with all your family law issues no matter the situation. I would also like to mention Sam Byrd’s assistant Brittany is so compassionate for clients and their case that it closes the deal on the defining factor of knowing you made the right decision. Thank you all so much for all your help and direction during a pandemic.

Eric Mcroy

My granddaughter was having legal issues and needed a lawyer to represent her. We chose Sam Byrd Law Firm through reviews and references, and I’m glad we did because they took the matter into their hands and got the deal that was best. Now that we have experienced this and have had Sam Byrd Law Firm represent us we are very humbled.

Angela Johnson

In 2016 my husband and myself hired Sam as an attorney. When I called Sam to set up a meeting I explained to him that the lawyer we had before told us that it would be impossible for us to every get custody of my step daughter. Also, there were other lawyers that we had looked at and talked to that told us the same thing. Sam asked us to come in for a meeting and when we did he told us that it may take some time but it was not impossible. In 2018, we got full custody of my step daughter. It did take some time because of circumstances that my husband and myself had to deal with before, but during this time Sam helped us prepare for custody. Before we hired Sam we told him that we did not have a lot of money. Sam was not particularly concerned about that, he helped us with setting up payment plans which was really amazing. We never felt like Sam was working for the money, we felt as if he cared about our family sincerely. Sam is very knowledgeable in what he does, and made sure we could protect our daughter. It is really hard for fathers to get custody of there children in todays world because of how society works, but Sam made it possible. Now, our daughter is safe in our home out of harms way, and this is all due to how hard and dedicated Sam Byrd was to our case. I honestly feel like Sam is more a friend than just our attorney. He always kept us informed and always helped with whatever we needed when it came to our case. He also has an assistant named Brittany who is amazing as well. They are a good team and always cared. There is so much more I could say about Samuel Byrd, but the most important is that if you have a case that seems impossible to win, then you should look to Sam. With Sam as your attorney no case is impossible.

Kathleen Rifenberick

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