Few seasons in life come darker than watching the marriage you once believed unshakeable begin crumbling at the foundations. The pain and grief of divorce can run deeper than you imagined possible. But so can the growth emerging on the other side.

Still, the path is never easy. And you need guidance from someone who understands that with compassion. Who knows Tennessee divorce law and process inside out. Who will stand by your side each step and help uplift your voice? Ensure you receive fairness in property division, child arrangements, spousal support if needed, and all those critical rights within your control.

We’re those Chattanooga divorce lawyers. Clarity comes slowly here. But where families and finances hang in the balance, caring advocacy makes all the difference.

If you feel lost, scared, or overwhelmed at the prospect of divorce, take heart. Brilliant new beginnings await with the right support. Let’s have an intro call to start mapping out your path into the light. Contact The Law Office of Sam Byrd today.

Risks of Not Having a Divorce Lawyer

While you’re not required to work with a divorce lawyer, handling your divorce on your own can be a big mistake. A family law attorney is an ultimate resource: they know the ins and outs of family law. You likely do not have this knowledge. Your lawyer will protect your rights and ensure you receive the best outcome from your divorce.

Without a lawyer, you may make mistakes that cost you both time and money. An experienced divorce attorney will handle all the paperwork and documents for you, making your divorce as simple as possible. Divorce on its own can be complex, emotional, and time-consuming. Don’t add to this stress by trying to navigate the system alone. Instead, work with our team at The Law Office of Sam Byrd. We will fight for you and your rights.

Highly Experienced Chattanooga Divorce Attorneys

Our legal team takes the time to understand your situation and goals to develop a strategy that will produce the best possible outcome efficiently and cost-effectively, even for uncontested divorces.

While most couples reach divorce settlements without going to court, we have the knowledge and court presence to advocate for you in family court for an unresolved contested divorce. We also provide knowledgeable legal services for a variety of divorce agreement issues such as:

Guiding Families Compassionately Through Child Custody Decisions

We appreciate the deep emotional aspect child custody plays in divorce. With empathy, we advise clients on arrangements upholding stability, safety, and their child’s best interests first – whether that means mediation, customized parenting plans, or pursuing full custody. Navigating this sensibly helps families transition positively.

Advocating Fair Child Support Agreements

Ensuring adequate child support arrangements that reasonably provide for your children can reduce much post-divorce financial strain and uncertainty. We determine accurate obligations based on comprehensive financial pictures of both parties, negotiating passionately on your behalf for favorable court orders aligned with your family’s needs.

Securing Sound Spousal Support Outcomes

Moving forward successfully post-divorce often requires advocating for spousal support if there is a significant income disparity. We counsel clients on eligible duration and reasonable amounts reflecting true budgetary requirements. Where amicable agreements hit snags, we stand firmly on your side, addressing judges respectfully but forcefully regarding requisite arrangements.

Navigating Property Division

Few divorce aspects invoke more raw emotions than untangling joint property assets like investments, businesses, or real estate. Yet equitable property division ensures both parties move ahead on solid financial footing.

We aim to impartially quantify contributions and evaluate unique circumstances compassionately, leading to amicable settlements, dividing assets fairly, or building persuasive cases if litigation becomes necessary.

Pursuing Mediation Where Possible

During times of intense personal difficulty, choosing continuing conflict or seeking collaborative resolution marks a pivotal road in life’s journey. We guide clients down mediation pathways they may not initially perceive, opening doors to constructive dialogue, mutually beneficial compromises, and peaceful closure.

With empathy for all parties, we patiently uncover common ground, settling core divorce matters respectfully outside courtroom settings we know to prolong the pain. There exists possibility and promise when mediation options get explored fully.

Modifying Orders When Circumstances Change

Life inevitably brings shifts even amidst divorce proceedings – employment changes, relocations, health issues, or new relationships. Should originally agreed orders around child custody, support, or alimony no longer suit unforeseen circumstances, sincere legal guidance can yield revised orders that fairly accommodate new realities. We partner with clients, making modification requests from a place of integrity.

Talk to an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Your next step is to meet with a Chattanooga divorce attorney to find out what’s at stake, protect yourself, and move forward to a place of safety.

The Law Office of Sam Byrd has been providing quality legal services to families in the Chattanooga area for many years and has extensive knowledge of divorce proceedings—both contested and uncontested divorce—child custody battles, child support, and other divorce-related issues.

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You May Have More Options Than You Think

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Law Office of Sam Byrd was build on the back of aggressive, proactive legal guidance for clients who are looking for a creative and innovative attorney to get them through some of the hardest times of their lives. Often riddled with fear, anxiety, and pain, Sam and his team have been able to deliver results for people and families in desperate need of something different – instant relief through aggressive and appropriate representation.

Because you are seen as a HUMAN, not a line item on an accounting report or a case number on a court docket. We believe you deserve to be served with diligence and integrity – giving you our best through your worst times to provide the best possible experience from the beginning.


How long do divorce proceedings take?

While each case is different, divorce proceedings can last anywhere from a few months to around a year. It may take longer depending on various factors, such as whether you’re dealing with contested divorces or uncontested divorces. Working with a lawyer can significantly reduce the time it takes to finalize your divorce.

How can a divorce lawyer help me?

A divorce lawyer will handle all the challenging aspects of divorce for you, making the process simple for you. They will protect your rights and help you avoid mistakes that would cost you time and money. Even if your divorce is amicable, it’s advisable to work with divorce lawyers so that you have legal representation.

How does property division work in Tennessee?

Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, which means the court will divide your and your spouse’s property as evenly as possible. However, it’s important to note that equitable distribution does not necessarily mean equal distribution. For example, you may end up with 40% of your property while your spouse gets 60%. Talk to a lawyer to learn more about property division during a divorce.

We can help if you need a criminal defense attorney or DUI defense lawyer

Over the years it has been gut-wrenching to see how better representation would have changed the lives of those charged with criminal offenses in Chattanooga. I have been in courtrooms where someone felt they had done nothing wrong so they did not get representation because they thought the facts would be enough to maintain their freedom. Although the Tennessee criminal justice process might seem straightforward, it rarely is. The law is complicated and has many small nuances that can create big impacts. Knowing how to navigate the legal system and having an experienced and aggressives criminal defense attorney on your side, and in your corner, is the difference that changes the dynamic in your criminal defense case.

Both criminal charges and drunk driving charges can sometimes be resolved by one of the following:

  • An outright dismissal of the criminal charges against you
  • Passing the case for a period of time for it to be dismissed upon your good behavior
  • Guilty plea diversion, which allows first offenders to have the charge removed from their record if they satisfactorily complete all probation requirements
  • Alternative sentencing such as probation to prevent or reduce jail time
  • Reducing serious charges to lesser charges, which reduces possible jail and probation time
  • Minimizing the jail time and other consequences of conviction

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