Prenuptial Agreements in Tennessee

When love is new, the future seems bright and full of hope. But life doesn’t always turn out the way we hope it will. Too often, when the tint of those rose-colored glasses fades, it’s not commitment you’re left with, but the financial ruin and emotional heartache of divorce’s destructive wake.  Fortunately, you don’t need to throw out marriage with the proverbial bathwater. Concerned couples

How Much Does Child Support Cost in Tennessee?

When parents get divorced, one of the first questions we’re often asked is: how much does child support cost in Tennessee? The short answer is: it depends.  The long answer takes a bit more explanation, as no two orders of child support look the same. Ultimately, your bottom line will be influenced by a number of individual factors in your situation. Two of the biggest

How Does Child Custody Work in Tennessee?

Divorce is never easy, but for parents, the process can be doubly agonizing. After all, the effects of such a choice alter more than just your world, but your child’s, too. And nothing has the potential to rob a good parent of sleep quite like concern for their child’s well-being. The good news is, that Tennessee courts want what’s best for them, too. And, when

Visitation in Tennessee

Few relationships are more important to Tennessee courts than the one that exists between parent and child. This bond is precious, and in making decisions about custody and visitation, your judge will work hard to ensure that your schedule allows that bond to flourish on both sides in the family’s new normal.  Here’s a bird’s eye look at visitation in Tennessee, and what kinds of

Know how to handle negotiations in a real estate transaction

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